Emotional Freedom Technique

I am a reiki master in the Usui tradition offering energy-based healing in the peace and quiet of the Surrey countryside
Sometimes referred to as “Tapping”, EFT is a guided, collaborative, healing partnership with your practitioner where you, the client, learn how to remove energy blocks/old self-limiting belief systems by tapping lightly on meridians on the upper body. Similar in principle to Chinese acupuncture, it stimulates the flow of energy through the body to effect positive changes, both emotional and physical. This technique has been used by PTSD clients to reduce anxiety and fear and is safe for all ages.

The Oak Healing Room

The Oak Healing Room was set up in 2015 after a leak from a water pipe in the bathroom above forced me to re-decorate what had once been the “computer room”- and prompted me to realise my dream of starting my own complementary health business.
- Kim Hale