Healing with Essential Oils

I am a reiki master in the Usui tradition offering energy-based healing in the peace and quiet of the Surrey countryside
I have been fascinated by essential oils since I was a young child but it was only in May 2014 when I attended a one day Aromatouch course that I realised their incredible potential as an aid to natural healing. Sometimes referred to as “Nature’s Medicine Cabinet” these oils can support your physical and emotional healing process. These oils are not generally available in shops but are ordered through a Wellness Consultant who can advise you on their usage and provide ongoing support and education.

I have discovered how intuitively we are drawn to use the right oil for us at any given moment if we only allow ourselves to be open-minded and trust our “gut feeling”. I offer free initial half hour One To One consultations for anyone who would like to find out more. I run fun, interactive classes and workshops both at my home and at The Holistic Centre in Godalming. See WORKSHOPS.

For more information on these oils, or to purchase them, please go to: mydoterra.com/oakhealingroom. If you intend to order several items or order regularly please message me to ask about membership as this is by far the cheapest way to buy.

I offer gentle Aromatouch and Symphony Of The Cells treatments which are very light massages intended to maximise the absorption of carefully selected oils along the spine and on the bottom of the feet.
Aromatouch Technique: An Aromatic Journey into Deep Relaxation and Bliss!

The AromaTouch Technique ( text in blue please) was developed by dōTERRA’s Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. David K Hill, a leading expert in integrative medicine and therapeutic applications of essential oils. Dr Hill developed the Aromatouch Technique in order to introduce more people to the beautiful, healing properties of these oils.

What Are Essential Oils? (bold)

Essential oils are the “live” aromatic essences of plants distilled from flowers, seeds, leaves, roots, resin and grasses from around the world. They have been used for thousands of years by many cultures for healing and disease prevention.

How Does The Aromatouch Technique Work? (bold)

The AromaTouch Technique focuses on balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body by gently applying essential oils along the energy meridians and contact points of the back and feet that relate to key organs and body systems. During the session the body becomes deeply relaxed, enabling it to return to a state of balance so that the healing process can begin.

The AromaTouch Techique is designed to provide:

· Stress Management – balancing and calming the body and mind using the Balance blend and Lavender oil

· Immune Support –cleansing, de-toxifying and strengthening the body’s immune response with Melaleuca (Tea Tree oil) and On Guard blend

· Inflammation & Pain Reduction –stimulating and soothing with Aromatouch and Deep Blue blends

· Homeostasis – invigorating and grounding with Wild Orange and Peppermint oils

DoTERRA oils are amongst the purest, most potent oils on the planet and you will continue to enjoy their therapeutic benefits and pleasant aromas for hours after your treatment. You will leave this session deeply relaxed, emotionally grounded and physically renewed

*AromaTouch is not a substitute for professional medical treatment. Practitioners do not diagnose disease or recommend medical treatment. You are encouraged to seek the professional advice of your doctor.


Reiki is a form of energy healing that can help alleviate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stress.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Similar in principle to Chinese acupuncture, it stimulates the flow of energy through the body

Healing with Essential Oils

Aromatouch Technique: An Aromatic Journey into Deep Relaxation and Bliss!

Rahanni Celestial Healing

The therapy will feel similar to Reiki but brings in the appropriate spiritual guides to assist in the healing process

The Oak Healing Room

The Oak Healing Room was set up in 2015 after a leak from a water pipe in the bathroom above forced me to re-decorate what had once been the “computer room”- and prompted me to realise my dream of starting my own complementary health business.
- Kim Hale